Monday, November 3, 2008

What a month...

Yea.. it's been a month. I can't believe what a roller coaster this whole things been.

I went back and read my blog a little and realized that I have HORRIBLE news these days, it feels like tons of things are going poorly, mainly dealing with health.

So... I am going to put all the bad stuff in this post, and hope that I have AMAZING news at the end of the week.

*My father's results will be back on Thursday. (I have the patience of a gnat.... awesome)
*My lump is larger, therefor I am going in for a biopsy tomorrow morning (Yep... scared to death)
*I will not get my results on Thursday (Again... patience of a gnat.... just shoot me)
*We have no information on what is wrong with Kara's hand, she is going into physical therapy.

Soooooo... If the universe has anything ELSE it wants to throw in my lap... BRING IT ON! I am stronger than any of this, and despite the fear, my lack of patience and my determination NOT to kill anyone while I drive....  I will kick this lousy month right in the butt and keep on moving!

As for D and I... NOTHING... I refuse to rethink this, I refuse to get any weird ideas in my ever thoughtful mind, February is where we are at, I'm writing notes, putting down things I need out of a relationship (should we continue on) and in February we will talk. Until then... I'm enjoying the moment.

On a side note of goodness: He's amazing, he is smart, he is funny, I met his friends the other night and they are enjoyable people, I met his son on Sunday and he is a really cute kid and I hope to continue on this time I get with D. Short term or long term I am in this for a good time.

So.. there is my life in a nutshell...

Keep me in your thoughts tomorrow.. I'm terrified about the procedure! It will be at 8am Colorado time, luckily it is in Aurora and close to my work, so I don't have to drive across town.



Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

Oh gosh, I'm thinking of you! *huge hugs*

margelina said...

Praying everything goes well for you this week. Take Care of yourself!!(((HUGS)))

Michelle said...

sending you some prayers for all the medical issues going on with you/your family; praying for some good results!

cancer mommy said...

Good luck with your biopsy. I'm so glad you decided to get it done. Now at least you'll know what's going on in there. Thinking B9 thoughts for you.

russ said...