Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday Topic of the day

My lovely lady Amber from Crazy Blogging Canuck wrote an interesting post about Ouija boards and the belief in them, also about whether or not they should be sold in Toys R Us... (scroll down to the bottom of the first page of her blog, it is a cool story)

However, it was some of the responses that made me a little incensed. I usually don't jump on controversy like this, but I had to call a spade a spade. Let me know what ya'll think. Where do you stand on this whole thing with the Ouija board? Here is my opinion


Wow... I usually step away from controversy when it comes to my responses or to my blog posts, however... this one I am going to have to jump off my lily pad because I'm feeling a bit froggy.

Come on folks... the hypocrisy of believing in ONE type of spirit and denouncing the other? Really?

Without light you can not have dark... they don't exist as solitary entities because we would have no reference point to come from.

I think all things have the energy to be used to speak with spirits, it is how we use it that matters. I do not teach my children that Ouija boards are bad. Because of that, they have never had an issue, or questions about them.

What makes you think that people only use them for "evil" spirit conversations? Is it because it's been made foreboding by us?

Perhaps because it is a rebellious thing to lash out against our staunch ideals and they want to see what "games" they can play.

Whatever the reason, I agree not having them in the home if you are uncomfortable with the idea. There are many items of spiritual paraphernalia I don't put in my home, because it makes me uncomfortable.

Teach your children about the dangers of playing with "knives" physical or spiritual.. they are dangerous.

As for Toys R'Us selling them... Meh... they sell wrestling dolls and kids die every year from doing wrestling moves on each other. When will we start boycotting those?


Summer said...

I don't really have a problem with Ouiji boards themselves, but I can see an issue with not wanting them sold at Toys R Us. I don't see them as a toy, and not something I want my kids using until they are much older. But not as dangerous and evil as some people think they are.

But then, being a Pagan I'm a bit biased. LOL

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

I probably don't want to go read the comments, do I? :(

Karla said...

My only concern, due to my lack of knowledge, is waking something I can't put back. As a child we were taught to fear them and I was never allowed to "play" with them. I have mixed feelings on them really. My hubby would be vehemently against it, he's just so square sometimes! Happy day!

quitecontrary1977 said...

Interesting topic! I'm a skeptic and did everything they tell you not to do with a ouija board, and I realized the only way to make it move is to cheat by moving it yourself. It's not evil; it's just a way for silly, pre-teen girls to scare themselves at slumber parties.