Monday, October 20, 2008

Giveaway from Punnybop

The Holiday season is upon us!!

From Colorado time we are at 65 days, 13 hours.
That is very little time to get things done. Buying gifts, wrapping, decorating and then with Halloween/Samhain and Thanksgiving in there, we are some busy little beavers.

So, here is something to help out. I am sure there is some little child, niece, nephew, Children’s Hospital or child from the giving tree that could use a brand new LeapFrog item.

Well, there is a great prize being offered by PunnyBop that you can win a lovely gift for someone.

Visit them, enter the giveaway and keep your fingers crossed!

We are all looking for something to gift (or even giveaway during the Bloggy Giveaways!)

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