Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lil Baby Cakes

Bringing a child into the family is one of those occasions that people like to go all out.

Not only are their high end items, there are those hip cool items that no one has ever seen. Bling on onesies, pacifiers with the baby's name in crystals, even strollers that cost more than I make in a week.

When we go to a baby shower, we want the gift to be something that is remembered. Something that the parents and baby can use, however we want it to stand out.

We aren't asking too much right?


This past June I hosted a baby shower for my best friend, and her soon to be born baby boy; There were blues and browns, polka dots and football uniforms. There was also a large diaper cake in the middle of the table, wrapped in blue ribbons that said, “Little Prince” and “All Boy” on them. It was a hit, people thought it was the real cake, then who made it, and if she could use the diapers.

I was beaming, because I was the one who brought it to the party. I only wish I had known about Lil Baby Cakes then! Not only do they have diaper cakes that are stocked full of items and toys, they are also the quickest service I have found and have so many options:

*Corporate diaper cakes- Have someone at work expecting? This is a good time to place an order with Lil Baby Cakes and get a gift from the office full of things a new mommy needs.

*Custom diaper cakes- Do you like fairies and dragons? Need a diaper cake to fit an idea? They will do custom cakes for the perfect Baby Shower Gifts.

*Cloth Diaper cakes- What about a gift for your eco-friendly mom? They will do cloth diaper cakes for you and what a wonderful surprise that would be.

Lil Baby Cakes also offer many different baby gifts on their website.

*Embroidered gifts: These are wonderful as holiday gifts for newborns, things to announce to the world that it’s the first time.

*Classic baby shower gifts: Feeding sets for a growing baby is a must have or how about a silver plated giraffe bank?

I would like to add a note in there, please don’t forget any older children that might be in the family. Lil Diaper Cakes has wonderful older sibling toys and photo albums.

So, for your next celebration, you know where to find some beautiful gifts for the newest addition to your friends family, and a way for you to look like a savvy, cool guest!


deepika said...
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Modern Mama Diana said...

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Kristin said...

Those cakes are adorable!

I tagged you!

Ms. Single Mama said...

Yes! Awesome cakes! Have to check these out for my little man.

Nina said...

I have seen differnt cakes like these but the picture you show is really nice. Thanks for the information. I have a baby shower coming up soon and this is a great idea.

Nydia said...

I bet the baby shower was awesome!
Just left something for you at my blog.


Nydia said...

You have my email, so I'm there!

Nydia said...

You have my email, so I'm there!