Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne

Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Halloween Party Ideas (Early planning)

>I love to plan parties!

So far to date, we have a yearly New Years party, a Beltaine party (Beginning of Spring), a Yule party and used to have monthly “Iron Chef” parties.

Now, my biggest party that I’ve been wanting, a Samhain/Halloween party!

I am so excited about this one. I am starting to plan this party now!

So far we have about 10 adults and about 10 kids (ranging in age between 17 and 10 months).

So, what do I need??


* I need good decorating ideas for a front porch, front entry way, three living areas (one of them solely for the children, it is in the study) and the dining room.

*I need cute food ideas. Things that are Halloween-ie (hehehehe… Yep… gross humor still makes me laugh). I need adult foods and great fun foods for the kids.

*I also need ideas for fun favors I can make. (One year I handed out scrolls of old Halloween poems and stories).

So… anyone up for the challenge?

You can post the ideas on here or even better, write a post on your blog and link it back here! That way it can have pictures, etc.

I appreciate all your help and I can’t wait to see what ideas everyone has!

Thanks blogger world peeps!!

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