Saturday, August 2, 2008

New Business Name

I am wracking my brain!

If anyone has been here for a while, they know that I have gone round and round with a company name.

Trisha of Bambina Ballerina and (just to name a few) is my mentor, she has been walking me through this, giving me tips, even sending me music videos to help motivate me, she's been such a WONDERFUL person to me in all of this.

Now, I'm ready. I have a blog I want to set up to get ready to start trying to advertise and sell things... but, I'm at a loss...

I have no name!

I need something simple, fun, eye catching that will portray an image of a company that sells fun gifts.

I need help!!! Desperately... But DO NOT tell Trisha, she will throw things at me through the 'net because I keep changing the name.

I promise, this is the last time... ideas please...

Thanks lovies!!

(I still like CanCan's husbands idea of naming the diaper cake and diaper wreath section "Eat my shorts" He's so creative :) )


CanCan said...

Heh heh.
So what kind of gifts are we talking about now?

For children? Babies? What kind of stuff is it?

Give me something to work with here...

Suzie said...

I love eat my shorts...that's great...cleaver and would make you laugh!! Made me laugh!!