Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Have your children ever saved your life?

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Since I started on there I’ve met some of the most amazing women and men (There ya go Jay … just for you :) )

Today MomsatWork posted a story about a mother who survived a car accident that pinned her under the dash of her car for 5 days.

It’s a heart warming story, and one that chokes you up at the thought of her being down there for five days, alone hoping to make it home with her two small children and husband of four years.

She lived for her children; she knew she couldn’t leave them so soon. Her daughter will be three years old on Thursday, she couldn’t do that to them. They saved her life.

That got me thinking…. How many times have our children saved our lives?

I was a wild child; I moved out of my home at 17 and was out getting into trouble very young. Then it happened, December of 1990, I got pregnant with my daughter. It all stopped. I stopped partying, drinking and any other activities I’d gotten into. If it had not been for that one thing, I’m sure I’d have been dead. I was on a path of destruction.

I ran with her at 6 months old from an abusive relationship with only her diaper bag in the middle of the night, I protected her above all else, and in the process, protected myself.

My daughter saved my life….

Have your children ever saved your life? Were you the child that saved a parent or a caregiver?


Meichelle said...

Hi! I found your blog through Now Entering Momville...
I have a blog,, and I am hosting a bunch of giveaways for baby and toddler. You should check it out!

nancy said...

I just read that article. It made me cry.

karababy said...

See! So I saved your life! Can I have a car? :).

mannequin said...

I too was sort of "saved" by my first born. (And now HE'S asking for the car too!)
Before I had him, I was a rather selfish person who didn't have time for family or didn't really value the important things in life.
As soon as I had him, things changed drastically. I was a mom and there was no way I would let my child have anything less than a wonderful mom. I began to value the important things.
A friend once told me a joke; "Isn't it funny how our parents get more right the older WE get?"

Lovely post for my morning coffee surf.

chelle said...

Totally an amazing story of the mother eh?!?! I hope I would have the same strength for my children.

I was totally petrified having my first, as I am motherless. Would I be a good mom?? She has brought so much beauty, creativity and love to my world. She saves me everyday!