Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Family Pets

I might get A LOT of hate from this…..

… I don’t like animals.

Let me change that, I don’t like domesticated house pets.

I think cats smell and dogs are too needy!

I’m pretty sure that makes me a horrible person, at least in most cat/dog lover’s minds.

I LOVE birds and fish; My two doves are the coolest… I love their personalities, I love their cooing (except at 5am, luckily they are no longer in my room), and I just think birds are awesome pets.

My daughter used to have a pet tarantula she would carry around on her chest. I think that’s kind of weird, but I allowed it.

I let my bird sit on my arm when I walk around. But, they don’t try to bite me! They tickle my ear with their beaks.

What kind of pets do you like? What will you not tolerate? What pets would you like to have that you can’t due to allergies, money, etc?


Storm said...

You'd hate visiting here! lol Our current total is 5 cats, 2 rabbits, and our dog - all rescues.

Jayson said...

Well I want a dog but I just don't want to deal with the always having to come home to take care of it.

I like fish but don't always wanna clean the tank.

I had hamsters when I was a kid, but as a grown man with hamsters that's a little strange.

I would say I'll probably get fish someday, like nemo so my kids can click on the tank all the time as kids do...


Anonymous said...

I love dog. I have one.
I love to have cow if I have lots-n-lots of money and an elephant, horse etc. etc.

Nydia said...

It's your right not to like them, at least you don't want to kill the!!LL I love my cat - actually my post today IS about cats! Take a look later, will you? I voted to Colorado!!! LOLOL Now you have to stand my cat post. hahaha
Seriously, I love pets like dogs and cats. I love fishes and birds, but free, I feel so bad watching them in aquariums and cages. But I'd never have a tarantula!! Arght!!!! I'm aracnophobic! Really am! I can't even watch a movie with them on it! Bugs freaks me out as well. Actualy anything with more than four paws give me the creeps.

Kisses, sweetie! Brigh blessings!