Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne

Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne

Friday, July 11, 2008

Things that make me happy

Hello all...

I just had to write a post about things that make me happy.

As you all well know, I LOVE giveaways. Being a single mom of six kids, I don't have alot in the way of time and money. But what time I can give, I spend on giveaways and with my family/friends.

Recently I've won alot of great prizes, so many in fact that I quit documenting them. I try my hardest to send Thank you notes to people who send me things, and even to the company letting them know I adore their products. Here are a few of them that I love.

#1: The 20$ Amazon gift cards from Mom Central, Inc. these cards allow me to buy gifts for friends and family that I can't buy other wise. So far I've bought my best guy friend a book (his B-day is on the 18th), and a great gift for my girl friend Gretchen (her b-day is in September). These are so great and worth the time to write a fun article about the products they do in the Blog tours.

#2: This great giveaway I won from a Got Lemon's contest they had. It makes me happy because not only do I win something, an organization of my choice does as well. And I gave the other package away to a child care center here in Aurora that I used to work for, they help at needs kids and low income families get wonderful child care! It was such a wonderful thing that it lifted my spirits.

#3: A whole feeding set from Boon, I have been swooning over these for months! I am so happy to get these for my little girls because they can be used with both of them and they will get YEARS of healthy enjoyment out of them. They are also trendy and cool to look at! I *heart* Dolly from Traveling with Baby for this!

#4: These Burp Catchers I won from Metropolitan Mama (one of my MUST read blogs every day!) Stephanie is a creative and wonderful writer, and to win something from her and to get to make it into something for my best friend was wonderful. Here is the end creation.

(Yes Trisha, I will be using this for my business, the name has changed but that's another blog!)

#5: This tutu from Style Tots, Dexie has been so wonderful in this and I am happy to announce that Issa's Halloween costume is almost totally done because of this giveaway! I can't wait to post pictures of that!

Those are a few things that make me really happy! Not just because I'm getting things, but because I can buy things for my kids and friends, and know that I'm getting them something they will remember.

Thanks for listening to me ramble!

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