Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Office Furniture

Life is full of concrete seats, wooden benches and chairs that look soft however, leave your rump asleep or you with an aching back the next day.

In one life, we have chairs at work in front of the computer, chairs in the lunch room or chairs in our classes that we shift in constantly. Then there are brick like seats on the bus or flat cushioned seats at the doctor’s office. We have no say in where or what we sit on, we accept what is available and thank goodness we don’t have to stand.

Then, we have our chairs at home, those we have control over. We can go and sit in them, try them out and find out what we want and what works for us. However, with the economy, I’ve found that shopping around is the best.

So, this brings us to the home office. A lot of us mother’s are looking for that space, desk, shelves, storage containers and of course, a comfortable chair for us to sit in. We spend hours there working long after the rest of the family has gone to bed. All the money we could save can be used towards that family we work so hard for

I have been trying out new chairs; my lovely computer chair died a horrible death by teenagers! They swirl in them, push them around, shove them at one another and bounce on them. I have been sitting in an old broken one because the 200$ one I had purchased is in the “bone yard”.

Now, my requirements in Office Chairs are simple. Tall back with a curved support for my lower back, taller arm rests, comfortable bottom and back, control with height and tension for the chair to lean back. I need something that is easily cleaned, nothing that soaks up liquid, like milk, or sodas. I am clumsy, and my kids, well, they are almost worse than me.

I also need to be able to sit in a chair, find out who makes it and then go home and Google it. Not just to find out any reviews on it, but also to look for a better deal. Why pay 2x the amount when you can get it on sale and buy new Office Desks or a lamp?

If you are looking to purchase some office furniture or get started on something that will inspire you to work harder and take the jump of a home based business, go ahead and dream a little, see what you would LOVE, and then what you can afford. It might surprise you how similar those thoughts are! Visit Office Furniture UK and compare prices before you purchase.


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