Wednesday, July 16, 2008

100 Things about Me

I decided to do this for my friend Stephanie from Metropolitan Mama. This is alot harder than it looks!
I LOVEd it.

1) I was placed up for adoption at 1.5 years old.
2) My brother was 8 months old and taken with me.
3) My brother and I were separated because I was too attached to him.
4) We were adopted by different families though we lived in the same state.
5) I was adopted when I was 2.5 years old.
6) My mother is an ex-nun, My father is an ex-priest
7) My parents were unable to have children, they adopted three of us.
8) One Hispanic/Indian, One white, one African American/German
9) Both of my parents are teachers.
10) My first kiss was in Kindergarten with James Ryan Beams (cool story)
11) I was the runner up in the elementary school spelling bee.
12) I grew up in Arlington, Texas and had a decent life.
13) I always loved horses. My best friend owned two of them.
14) I always took care of my siblings; I was fiercely protective of them.
15) I finally reconnected with my biological brother when I was 14.
16) I went to a private Catholic school most of my middle/high school years.
17) I was hit by a car and taken to the hospital when I was 12.
18) I was angry when I had to stay overnight, it would mess up my perfect attendance.
19) I was on the USS Swim Team. I loved it.
20) My first job was at Wendy’s.
21) I hated High school. I was awkward and had no style
22) I got pregnant at 17, had my first daughter at 18.
23) I have been married twice.
24) I have been divorced twice.
25) I hate my first ex-husband; he is a horrible human being.
26) I never speak with him, though his wife always wants to be my friend.
27) I think that is weird.
28) My second ex-husband is my best friend in the world.
29) I have six children.
30) My first daughter was named after a princess from the movie “Barbarians”
31) My second daughter was named after someone from the BBS we used to run.
32) My son was named after my father.
33) My third daughter was named Faith instead of Grace.
34) My fourth daughter is named after Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis.
35) My fifth daughter is named after me. (I deserve that much!)
36) I had a miscarriage between my third and fourth child.
37) I don’t think I ever fully healed from that. I took on a lot of blame.
38) I love my son, but I don’t think I want another boy.
39) I wouldn’t mind two more children.
40) I wanted 12 when I was growing up, 8 is a good compromise!
41) If I have two more, they will be boys.
42) I know I won’t be able to imagine life without them.
43) Food is a huge part of my life, though not all food.
44) I don’t like mushrooms, or liver.
45) My dream would to be an ASL teacher, and/or do sign work as an “interpreter”.
46) I am not allergic to anything.
47) My oldest daughter almost died from Spinal Meningitis.
48) It was the scariest moment of my life; even thinking about it makes me cry.
49) She was 6 years old.
50) My brother and I found our bio-father when I was 23.
51) We hopped in a car and drove the 7 hours to see him, that night.
52) My brother and I have four other siblings that we never knew about.
53) On our mother’s side we have two more.
54) Our mother wanted nothing to do with us, and refuses to speak with us.
55) I adore my bio-father, though I rarely speak to him.
56) I highly respect those with a strong religious faith.
57) As long as those people know why and what they believe.
58) I am following along the path of Shamanism.
59) It’s the one thing that has felt right for me.
60) I spend about 3+ hours a day visiting/writing or researching blogs
61) I love it!
62) I don’t have a left ovary.
63) I got a dermoid cyst that twisted my ovary and killed it.
64) I got pregnant three years after having it removed.
65) My favorite smell is Pumpkin Bread (My Mommy’s)
66) I cry when I think about Christmas/Yule, I love to watch people smile.
67) I cry more than anyone I know.
68) People purposely give me gifts that will make me cry, it’s not hard.
69) I despise drug users!
70) That includes pot, even though most people don’t include that.
71) I wish I could draw, I am envious of artists.
72) I am single and have been for a year now.
73) The hardest part is money when it comes to the kids.
74) I am still desperately in love with my last boyfriend.
75) That makes me feel stupid, but I still love him.
76) I love my Mom and Dad, but I’m glad they live in Texas.
77) I hate the Bratz franchise!
78) Peanut Butter and Chocolate is perfection.
79) I drive an old beat up red truck. I adore my truck.
80) I am a horrible driver!
81) My greatest accomplishments are my kids!
82) I am terrified of sharks!
83) Like, sobbed during Finding Nemo, Bruce jumps out so quickly it startled me.
84) I wish I looked more put together. Physically, my life is pretty organized.
85) I love my hair.
86) I hate my stomach.
87) My favorite movie is “The Mission”
88) My favorite dessert is “Banana Foster”
89) I have never broken a bone. Though, I have had stitches.
90) I check on all of my kids before I go to bed at night.
91) I hate being uncomfortable watching movies.
92) I am a geek, I play video games (WoW), I do LARPs.
93) I read about 4 magazines a week.
94) My favorite magazine is Brain Child; I read it from front to back!
95) I have a woobage (a blanket)
96) I have a wiwow (my pillow)
97) I sleep with them both every night.
98) I breastfeed all of my children.
99) I co-slept with all of my children.
100) My friends are the most intelligent people I’ve ever met!

If you choose to do this, please send me the link! I'd love to learn more about ya!


krissy said...

You are an interesting person. I thought the most interesting was the ex/nun and ex/priest for parents.....I thought once a nun/priest...always a nun/priest.

This was very interesting but I kept wanting to ask questions....It was killing me to not know more about stuff. I'm nosey I guess.

Check out my challenge....I have a feeling you would do a good job at it.

Kelsey said...

Wow what an interesting life you have had!

krissy said...

I didn't get your picture....send it too

I can't wait.

Michelle said...

that was fun to read more about your! My hubby also plays WoW :) How sad that they separated you and your brother because you were too attached to him! Hello! He's your brother and you were being put up for adoption! So glad you both reconnected! It's your bio-mom's loss that she wants nothing to do with you - look at the grandkids she's missing out on!