Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne

Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Weekly Update!

Good morning everyone!

I am feeling amazingly better, thanks a ton for the sweet words of encouragement. Now, either my infection went down, OR, the Percocet it so good, that I don’t care. Either way… I don’t care. YAY.

I have a flex account* from work.

*Definition: Flex Account: Part of my paycheck goes straight into a medical account credit card, pretax, to pay for all medical expenses for my kids and I. I put 1200$ a year into it, it helps a lot for medical/dental costs with co-pays from my insurance. Insurance co-pay is 20$ a visit, with six kids, that adds up! That is on top of almost 500$ a month for all of us in insurance. I pay toooo much for medical expenses, but I digress.
So… my flex account year starts July 1. I have used all but 54$ of my flex account from last year (I will use that up by the end of June to pay for OB/GYN appts.)
But, I can’t afford to get my tooth pulled until July 1st… so… To the ER I went Saturday night to get meds for my tooth. With tears and agony, they gave me the stuff to make me happy, and now, I’m wandering around high as a kite! Wheeee…. I only have to make it a few more weeks!

But, other than that.. I haven’t been working out, BUT, I haven’t been eating much, so that’s like working out… *smiles*

Update on the family:

Kara: Got a job at Old Navy! She got a great new boyfriend and is so happy, it’s been nice to have her off for the summer, because she cleans all the time, just out of boredom, my house is pretty and clean !

Ashlyn: Is becoming a bronze goddess. She is outside a lot, swimming, playing with friends, I never see her, but she’s happy when I do.

Joey: Would be bronze, if he wasn’t so white. He is the fairest of them all, and burns all summer, spends two days inside healing, and does it over again. I’m just gonna soak him in suntan lotion.

Faith: Will be here on Monday from Illinois.. YAY! I wanna hold her and hug her.

Issa: Is babbling her head off. She’s saying little words here and there, she is in love with her baby sister, and more so with Kara, she adores her more than me sometimes!

LaLa: Is just too cute. She finally grew into her age, and is now wearing 6 month clothing, since she’s 6 months old, that a good thing. She was so small before that we were worried about her…. She was just a late bloomer!

Ok… Make sure you all go to Lipstick to Crayons to see my weekly Wednesday article! This week’s is pretty cool! Wednesday Rare Finds..

Talk with all of ya’ll soon!!!
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