Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Lipstick to Crayons Guest writer

Guess what? I get to enjoy my wacky side on Lipstick to Crayon's blog tomorrow!

I'm so excited to show some cool items and stories from around the world, that always seem to have a funny spin on them.

Please go and check it out.

Thanks a ton to the owners for trusting me and finding me interesting enough to entertain their readers.


CanCan said...


And I know what you mean about the Green Mountain store...I have a weakness for stuff like that!

CanCan said...

Yeah I go to sleep at like midnight and wake up at 5 with the baby. Woohoo!
I think I hear him now...

Haasiegirl said...

how cool! Your gonna post there? Thats neato! i just won a prize from them today.