Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dessert of the night

As many of you know, I don't have an oven. Mine died a horrible death right before Thanksgiving! (It's gas and just.. quit working, I'm terribly sad)

So, I have had to learn to cook without it over the past few months. I've found it's healthier, though more time consuming!

My favorite cook to watch is Sandra Lee of Semi-Homemade. I love how she was raised, and how she got started. She is a woman of strength and I appreciate what she has to offer. So, I took after her and made my own Semi-Homemade Dessert
Cherries Ala Mode
4- Mini Loaf pound cakes
Strawberry Ice cream (Or your choice)
1 can of Del Monte dark sweet cherries
Whipped Cream
1 banana
1.) Cut the loaves in half lengthwise and set the four pieces in seperate bowls
2.) Spoon the canned cherry juice over the loaf halves.
3.) Put one scoop of Ice cream over the pound cake
4.) Put the cherries on top, about 6 per bowl
5.) Add a dollop of whipped cream
6.) Four slices of banana
Serve to a happy family of four
(Yes, I have six kids, but not everyone wanted/could have dessert)
They loved it! I hope ya'll do too!

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russ said...

Ovenless - perfect for when oven is broken. I love the word "dollop." I will use it in a sentence: "I added a dollop of garlic to my banana split. De-lish!"