Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne

Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne

Sunday, May 11, 2008

5th Annual MommyFest

Well.. five years in a row of having this MommyFest, I'm looking forward to meeting alot of great new moms! And on Mother's Day, what better day to have friends? Follow me there, come join in and see who you will fine like-minded as yourself?

Where to begin?

My name is Suzanne, however many people in my area call me Lilith.

I have six wonderful children, all whom I adore and all whom I want to strangle.. and this is daily. I am currently single, not even dating anyone, due to a hard breakup almost a year ago. I'm a bit tenative to put myself out there.

My best friend is my ex-husband, we were horrible married, and the closest of friend now. (Not my last breakup)

I have two doves whom I love, though they do tend to coo a bit too late at night and WAY too early in the morning.. which is why they now live out in the living room.

I was born and raised in Texas, however I am now living in Colorado. I love Colorado, I can't imagine living anywhere else. Though I do miss being home, and will probably be moving back in a short time. I miss my family and want my kids to know their extended family. I'll miss it here though.

I am an avid blogger, I don't write as often as I should, but I visit other blogs and talk around the blogosphere, I am always looking for like minded Moms.

I work outside of the home, though I want to start working inside soon. I need to find the courage to get my business started, my first goal is updating my blog site.. It's looking a bit shlumpy :)

I am a pagan, and have chosen to study Shamanism now. It's a wonderful path, and I've learned alot though, I am not as dedicated as I feel I should be. It's a touchy path that many people don't understand however, it is a choice that I feel closest to.

Well.. that is me, in a very small nutshell...

On the side bar I have pictures of my little one's, so I hope you go and look at those! I am very proud of my brood!

Warm Blessings,


This site is also doing a Mommy Fest Potluck.

So I wanted to enter one of my favorite recipes!

Pasta Salad

2 pkgs of multi colored rotini noodles

1 large pkg of sliced pepperoni

1 large pkg of sliced canadian bacon

1 can of sliced olives (only as much as you want in there)

1 Cucumber

1 pd bag of shredded mozzerella cheese

1 bottle of Italian Dressing

Cook the noodles as directed, wash them off in the sink until they are cooled.

Stir in the cheese until it looks like there is enough. Cut up the cucumber, pepperoni and canadian bacon into fours, and put them into the salad. Pour in the olives and then add the Italian dressing to taste. If you make this before hand, please make sure you add more Italian, the noodles will soak some of it up, and the tang of the dressing really makes this dish a winner!!

Five things about me:

1) I was adopted when I was 2.5 years old. Though I am the oldest, I was adopted second, but my brother was adopted at birth, therefore making him "older" in the family. Wierd.. I know.

2) I love having five girls and one boy. I am not sure how things would have been if I'd of had another boy

3) I only sleep about 5 hours a night, I blame my inability to turn off my computer after blogging :)

4) I only own two pairs of pants, I have been pregnant for the past two years and just wore those clothes.

5) I plan on having more children. Two to Four more.

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