Tuesday, March 4, 2008

G-bear and Baby Bear

Well.. one of my best friends Gretchen (Aka: G-bear) is going in today to find out what she is having. A boy, A girl, well.. at least it's definately a baby.

I am soooo excited. It's taking everything in my power not to be sitting in the waiting room. (She is seeing my OB, Dr. Penrose... I *heart* Dr. Penrose.) I can't wait... I'm gonna cry, I know I am.. Heck, I'm tearing up now and it's not even my baby! She just went through so much to have this baby, and now... the baby will be here sometime in July. Another Cancer baby.... I'm am keeping my fingers crossed for July 8th. I'd love to share a B-day with the little one.

Ok.. I'm getting all panicy.... I'll update you when I know!

Here is a picture of Gretchen holding my daughter (Her fairy god-daughter) Issa.


Crystal said...

LOL! You sound like I do when someone is having a baby or just finding out! My BFF is, as we speak, on her way to the grocery store to by a preggers test to see if she IS pregnant! I hope she is.

Another chold of the moon, eh? You ever feel like your just one big ball of emotion? I know I sure do...Congrats to your friend;)

Crystal said...

That's suppose to be "Another CHILD of the moon..." I can't type today...

Ashley said...

Awww yay for Gretchen!