Friday, March 7, 2008

Crystal's Mom is my inspiration.

Yep.. wierdest title I've had yet!

Well.. I met a truely cool woman through blogging the other day, Very similar in our life that I've felt really connected to her since reading through her blog and talking to her a handful of times. She's kinda cool, self depricating to a point, however very honest and loyal and an amazing mom to her two kids. Now, that being said, I read her post yesterday, and she stated that her mother pushed her to post when she first started writing her blog. And now she wants to do something for her kids to read and remember her by.

How cool is that?

So, I'm using her mother's energy (I hope she doesn't mind) to post for myself every day.
Starting today!
I'll post my day, giveaways, recipes and even pictures. OH.. and I joined the Wordless Wednesday's as well! Might as well put up the world around me, that way people can see Colorado from my eyes!

Ok... I'm done babbling for now. I'm going to hit all my other blogs and see what people are up to for the day. Then I will come back and post.

Warm Blessings,


Donna said...

I got off work early today. I'm now home, toodling around, waiting for my Grandson to get home from school...Crystal is still at work, (she works for her Dad and I in a plumbing business). I'm in the middle of putting a very warm, lucious, sweet cup of coffee to my lips when the phone rings...It's Crystal..."Get on my"!! "Go to Lilith's, read it, then you can call me back and apologise for being such a snit..."LOL...(the phone ALWAYS rings when I make coffee)LOL...anyway, I do as she instructed...and I'm really happy that I inspired someone today! Crystal LOVES to write. It's a wonderful outlet and I'm Very glad she took my advice. It's really helped her. If I have somehow also inspired you to do the same, I'm Extremely pleased!! It's a wonderful place to meet new, and in my opinion...wonderful, like-minded, people. So get busy...and have Lots of fun with this new adventure. There's a Whole 'nother World out there...have fun in your travels sweetie!!! hughugs

Crystal said...

*blushes while laughing* You are TOO kind sweet! I have to say that if not for my mother I seriously don't know how i'd have turned out. My life, personality, relationships, everything. All through my blog posts are posts about how I percieve life, family, love, friendship, relationships, yada, yada, yada. My mom thought it would be a good idea for me because she knew something I didn't. Maybe at that time I needed a scapegoat or something. I still don't know why mom pushed me into doing it...I don't know about you but I am a very emotional and passionate person and I felt this was the perfect thing for me. As I started posting I got to thinking, Why the heck am I doing this? I try to have purpose for most things in my life, just weird I guess, but that's me. Anyway, I got to thinking why not direct this to my children? I always wanted to know just what the hell my parents were thinking when I was growing up. Why they made the choices they did and so forth. Well, by doing this blog, my kids won't have to wonder. Plus, they'll get to relive the emotion, playfulness and seriousness of the life we have lived so far, each day, adding something more. I felt as I started doing the blog this way that if they at least have an idea about what made me do the things I do or did, or even the why of things dealing with their dad, it won't be so hard for them to figure things out as they grow up. In their own relationships with the ones they hold dear and even strangers. This is my way to give them a fighting chance for a healthy mentality, so to speak, about looking inward and trying to find out who they are as a person. That's something I never did until my divorce and even though, throughout my blog, I have stated, I will NEVER regret anything that I have endured. It wouldn't be fair to me, them or anyone else in my life. So, in saying all of this, I thank my mom. This is one more time in my life that she's known what was best for me, whether it be by accident or purpose, she did know what she was doing;o)

I also look forward to getting to know you. As you've stated, we are very similar in our lives and even though, by accident, I came across your blog, there is a connection and a reason why we met. I believe everything happens for a reason and I look forward to many years of wonderful friendship with you, getting to know you as a person, mother and friend. By having this blog, i've gotten to see what others think about and how they feel about things. It honestly helps me with my own life and how I percieve things. I know i'm writing my own post over here so i'll just wrap it up by saying that I will emmensely enjoy getting to know you and your family;o) Thank you for the kind words Lilith..

Ashley said...

I love the idea of our kids being able to come back and read things...and us, as well!

Anonymous said...

That is really sweet - and all of your children are gorgeous, you must be so proud!f