Saturday, October 19, 2013

Wacky Apple - Colorado Made, loved by Colorado kids

I am a huge proponent in supporting local community. Local made foods, grown foods, stores, etc. so when the local company of Organic Wacky Apple asked if I wanted to try their treats, I said yes!

Who is Wacky Apple?

Wacky Apple was developed 2 years ago when a family member came home from Elementary School in Denver with her “afternoon snack.” A snack packed full of High Fructose Corn Syrup, no nutritional value and something she didn’t even want to eat. This is when we, as a family realized, we wanted to create a healthy, delicious snack, designed and packaged for kids that they will want to eat!

My girls are the same way, they don't like to eat snacks that are too sweet or sticky, or with many artificial flavors.

Wacky Apples are are 100% Certified Organic and are certified kosher and vegan by Natural Food Certifiers.  Their apple sauces are fat free and gluten free. 


Now, the taste test happened. We got the pack you see above in our mail. I opened them up and sent them to school with my girls. Here is what they think.

  • They like the apple sauce, ALL of the apple sauces. I had one, and really enjoyed it, naturally sweetened and perfect before softball practice.
  • They did not like the apple juice, no idea why, but they didn't. They said it tastes different. (Now, they don't drink juice normally, so this might have something to do with it.)
  • Flat Fruit is not their thing. Not any kind of fruit leather. *I* on the other hand can eat 10 strips in a sitting, it's addictive!!

Now, I found something I LOVE about Wacky Apple that I want to share:

Wacky's are super-sweet, kid-size fresh apples, organically grown in Colorado from our family to yours. What makes Wacky's so deliciously sweet? Fresh, cool Rocky Mountain air, warm Colorado sunshine, and lots of love and care from the family farms that grow our fruit.Wacky Apple organic apples are grown on farms that never use bad chemicals. We let animals, plants and even the worms live on our farms. This helps keep the soil and water safe for the birds, the bees, our trees and you! This is called ORGANIC farming. Wacky does this to keep you and our planet healthy.

I appreciate their desire to make their apples as fresh and healthy as we want our families to be! This is a true Colorado company!!

(All words are my own, I received a beautiful treat from Wacky Apple to review)

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