Sunday, July 20, 2008

My Weekend!

This was a fun weekend. We were a busy little crew.

It was the first week of the new schedule. The little ones dad is working Tues-Sat but he gets off at 4pm, so I drop them straight at his house after I get off work and drop them off with him three days a week. This way I get them those other days and we alternate on Sundays. He now has them on Mondays and they don't go to the babysitters. It's nice for him to have him that whole day, but we will see if he can stick to it.

So I got the girls on Saturday and we went over to my friends house for his B-day BBQ. That was nice, but I'll have to upload those pics later, I took them on his camera.
So on Sunday, the three little ones and I went to the water park.. Here are some photos of today.

Then tonight, I made some chocolate marshmellow Milkshakes. I would have taken photos of them, but the camera died after I took photos of this.

Yep... it's milk shake Ice pops, now the kids have something to look forward to tomorrow in the heat of the day while I'm at work!!

I hope everyone had a good weekend. I am happy you all are back from BlogHer, I missed you!

One more week until the quarterly Bloggy Giveaway begins!

Check back here for a GREAT giveaway July 28th! I need to get that post ready for that fun week.

Joanna is also having a wonderful giveaway that week! You can find her blog on my sidebar!! I hope I win something at least! I don't see ANY work getting done next week, I also can't wait to see the new blogs I want to read. Right now, my "Blogs I like to Read" list is 23 long, lets see how long it gets after this!

After has their GRAND OPENING- August 1st, I will post who I read everyday, and why. I love the ladies whom I visit, and I visit them all for different reasons! I'll let you in on my mindset and hopefully you all will find another person to visit.


Anonymous said...

oooh I may have to make PROTEIN SHAKE ICE POPS FOR MYSELF :)


Crabby McSlacker said...

Love the pictures of your awesome adorable kids!

And chocolate marshmallow milkshakes and ice pops? Gosh that sounds GOOD!
(MizFit can have my protein powder though).

Anonymous said...

Hi Lilith,
Thanks for dropping by my WON the apron! Please email me at the yahoo account attached to my blog profile. I need your address so I can mail you the apron!


Joanna said...

It looks like y'all had a lot of fun...Chocolate marshmallow....yummy!

I just started dieting today and even though I am not hungry at the moment, boy does it make me want some! : )

Hey, I wanted to mention I reviewed a super cute hat, it's by Zooni...I posted a picture of Kelsie wearing it, I want one myself, too bad they don't come in sizes that large! : )

Michelle said...

That water park looks like a blast!

ChefDruck said...

adorable pics. Thanks for entering my contest!

Brittany said...

Ohh... So sweet! I need a little girl, so that I can but those super cute little swimsuits!